A Look At Energy Efficient Cooking For Commercial Kitchens

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Running a restaurant business or a commercial kitchen can be a very costly venture when it comes to energy. You can take full control of the energy usage in your business by coming up with a smart energy management plan. This will require a change in behavior of everyone in the kitchen.

There are many benefits of efficient cooking and they include reduced food spoilage, consistent food quality and better working conditions. Smart cooking practices involve using the right equipment or appliances for the job. Apart from helping to save on energy costs, it also helps to reduce impact on the environment.

1. Efficient cooking loads

One of the best things you can do is to cook in efficient quantities and load. When using cooking equipment make sure that you know the right capacity for the best cooking results. Learning how to use the best size appliances will help to enhance efficiency by using the right energy levels. The best appliances will help to meet your demands during peak load times. There are types of equipment that use energy more efficiently than others do.

2. Using equipment correctly

It is important to ensure that kitchen employees are trained to use equipment efficiently. Maintenance of the equipment is critical and you should ensure that all your employees are well versed with appliance use, cleaning and care routines. This will ensure that kitchen equipment works effectively. Whether it is loading the commercial dishwashers, or using the oven, you can reduce energy wastage by using the equipment following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Switching off equipment

It is important to switch off any equipment when not in use. This will help to reduce the cost of energy. Having a schedule for start-up and shutdown can help to ensure that the equipment is only in use when necessary. It is a good idea to turn on the oven half an hour before you need it and turn it off immediately after use. Reduce the number of times that the oven door is opened during use. Turning the oven down during low production can help to reduce energy usage.

4. The right equipment

Using the right equipment for the job will help to ensure efficiency. A saucepan with a flat bottom will ensure better heat transfer and contact making it a better cooking option. You should also use the correct lids for your pans and pots to ensure that the heat is contained effectively. This will help to reduce cooking time. A microwave oven can be more energy efficient when used to defrost or reheat small portions of food.

5. Equipment maintenance

Kitchen equipment will always work more efficiently when it is in the best condition. Regular maintenance will help to ensure that your appliances are working at optimum performance. An oven that is free of dirt and grease and that has clean exhaust fans and tight seals, will enhance the cooking process. Regular inspection of your equipment is essential. Make sure that you get professional repair services to deal with any damage or problems in order to keep your equipment in the best condition.

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