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They’re many different styles and or types of Refrigerators. You may have a Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, GE, LG, Samsung, Hotpoint or an Electrolux. The list goes on. At Kurt’s Appliance Repair, we fix every single type and brand ever made. Even GM, Yes GM used to make very good Fridges in which -some lasted for over 50yrs. I, myself have had the pleasure of fixing them on a few occasions many years ago. Fridges can have many different types of issues. Some of the most common are a defrost problem, an evaporator motor issue, a condenser fan issue, a door seal issue, a compressor issue or even a capillary tube issue. Your Fridge actually runs in a fairly complicated manner in which most people do not understand the Physics. After studying Engineering, then Appliance Repair, I also studied Advanced Refrigeration. Fridges work by making the refrigerant gas change from a liquid into a gas. The evaporation cools the desired area to produce the effect required. As an example, if you pour rubbing alcohol on your skin. It also quickly evaporates in which makes your skin cold. This is called Evaporative Cooling.

The first domestic Fridge was invented in 1913 and it was called the Domelre. It was made by a Man named Fred W. Wolf Jr. (1879-1954) His initial model did not do too well. Although many manufactures decided to adapt his ice cube tray idea to their models. Mr. Wolf was a member of the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers. Mr. Wolf interestingly enjoyed making and racing his own cars. Wolf secured a number of his own patents for his designs. In which include the previously mentioned Domelre, the Kofax and the Fridger. He must have been a smart fellow.

With regards to common types of problems with todays Fridges. One of which is a Defrost Problem. The defrost system in pretty much all Fridges have three main parts. The Timer, Heater and what’s called a bi-metal. The Timer usually tells your Fridge to defrost itself approximately every eighteen hours or so. When this happens, it will turn on the Heater which is wrapped around the Evaporator. This in turn melts the ice off of the Evaporator. Then the exes’ water will go down a drain tube and settle near the Compressor. The heat from the Compressor evaporates the water over time. The defrost system will usually stay on for about twenty minutes or so. This is not something the old Fridges had. Some of you older folk may remember having to manually defrost your Fridge. It was a pain in the neck. Sometimes you can actually hear when the auto defrost has kicked on. It will sometimes sound like metal expanding. This is because of the defrost heater, heating up the metal of the Evaporator. Usually, when you have a defrosting issue. The refrigerator compartment will start to get warm and sometimes you may hear ice hitting the evaporator fan motor. Determining whether or not you have a defrost problem can be complicated if you are not a trained Technician. I hope that this information has been interesting for you.

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