The Do’s And Don’ts With Your Refrigerator

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It is really hard not to have a refrigerator at home. Just imagine! Your water is not cold and refreshing. Your food will get spoilt easily. And you would not be able to enjoy treats like ice cream or chocolate. That is why if you have a refrigerator, you have to use it properly so that it would not get broken. Here are the do’s and don’ts with your refrigerator.

• Do clean the condenser coils – It is important to have the condenser coils cleaned regularly. Over time, dust gathers on these coils. And dusty condenser coils work harder than usual. Of course, if they work harder than that would mean higher electricity bills for you. Vacuuming your coils is one good way to clean it and it should be done at least every two months.

• Do clean up spills right away – Your refrigerator needs to be kept clean at all times. So if you ever spill your milk, soda or any type of food, do make sure you clean it up right away. Letting spills stay in your refrigerator would breed harmful bacteria. These bacteria might get to your other food and make you sick.

• Do not overload your fridge – During parties and even during the holidays, there is always that tendency to get the fridge overloaded. Well, avoid doing that. Foods that will not perish if not refrigerated will have to go to your pantry. Overloading your fridge would cause you to open it from time to time and that would cause your fridge to work harder than usual.

• Do read your fridge manual – Do you still have your manual with you? If you are like most fridge owners, then you probably have thrown away the manual or it might be somewhere in your house. Try looking for it. It will help you a lot in maintaining your refrigerator. It might even have some specified maintenance tips that you should definitely follow.

• Do defrost your refrigerator – Most refrigerators have automatic de-frosting features nowadays. But if your fridge does not have that, it is still okay. Just defrost your refrigerator at least twice a year. The reason for this is that the frost would somehow reduce the efficiency of your fridge and might even cause the failure of your cooling system.

• Do not suffocate your fridge – it is also important not to suffocate your fridge. You should place it in a location where it would have some air space to breathe in. There should be at least two centimeters of free space around it. Also, you might want to avoid placing your fridge under direct sunlight. This means that the fridge has to be away from the windows. But if you choose to situate it near your windows, just make sure you have blinds or curtains.

Follow these tips and you would surely have a long-lasting and durable fridge. Should your fridge break down some time in the future, you can always rely on Kurt’s Appliance Repair for good repair service.


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